The Heritage Park
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The Heritage Park is the country's premier memorial services provider. Here, we make absolutely certain your needs for cherishing the memory of your departed loved ones are met. With world-class services  and facilities, and a team of highly-trained and dedicated professionals at your disposals, we are ready to offer much-needed assistance and comfort in your time of great emotional need and beyond. 

The Heritage Park provides a beautiful environment for both creating new memories with your family and memorializing your dear departed. Centrally located in Fort Bonifacio, the sprawling first-class memorial complex boasts of a picturesque landscape, lush picnic grounds and scenic biking trails. The focal point of the complex is the imposing Heritage Park Pavilion, an Asian-style architectural marvel that promises the visitor a completely new memorialization experience 

Source: Heritage Park, BCDA flyers. 
Heritage Park Master Development Plan
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The Heritage Park Master Development Plan

Memorial Lots
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Comprising of a single plot that can accomodate up to 2 full body vaults at double depth burial. The Heritage Park’s Lawn Lots offer a simple yet truly appropriate memorialization option for those seeking to forever cherish the memory of their loved ones.

Lot size: single plot 1.00m x 2.44m (2.44 sq.m.)
Capacity: Double depth burial for 2 full-body vaults
Memorial Structure: A solid 16”x28”x3” granite or bronze marker is allowed


The Heritage Park’s Garden Lots provide the perfect memorialization option for families who seek to provide a proper tribute to their departed loved ones. These lots can contain up to 16 full body vaults at double depth burials. Garden Lot owners also have the option of building an 18-inch high granite monument within 25% of the lot.

Lot size: 8 plots 4.00m x 4.88m (19.52 sq.m.)

Capacity: Up to 8 double depth burials for a total of of 16 full body vaults Or 64 cremation/bone vaults

Memorial Structure: Up to 18” high granite monument within the buildable area and 6 solid 16”x28”x3” granite or bronze markers within the remaining plots are allowed.


For families who seek to build a lasting and truly fitting monument to their loved ones. The Heritage Park presents its Estate Lots. Located in prime sites within the Park, it is also the largest of our available lot packages. Estate lots can contain up to 32 full body vaults at double depth burials. With an Estate Lot, families can have the option of building a Mausoleum to further commemorate the lives of their dearly departed.

Lot size:    16 plots 9.76m x 4.00m      (39.04 sq.m.)
Capacity:    Up to 16 double depth burials for a total of of 32 full body vaults.
Above ground burials for full bodys, cremated and bone remains are allowed depending  on the pre-approved design.

Memorial Structure:   Private Mausoleum with dimensions and specifications conforming to the Park’s Memorial Installation Standards and Guidelines

Disclaimer: The sole purpose of this is for announcement and general information of Heritage Park. 

The Heritage Park Columbary
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Modern Filipino's opt to buy Columbary due cremation service is more economical than full-body mortuary service and lots. The Heritage Park offers variety of Columbary for Filipino's to choose from that caters to their type of need.

Single Columbary Niche 

Description and Use

For families who want an upright single niche for the inurnment of the cremains of their departed loved one, this is their best option. It can accommodate a single urn  and the name and dates of birth and death of their departed loved one can be inscribed on the granite cover. They may choose from the different level of niches available.

Location : AREA 2

Spot Cash : 35,625.00
** Installment Price is also available. 
** Additional expenses: Service & Transfer Fee
** Contact us for more details: 9111735 / 4042483

Companion Niche

Description and Use

This is a premier columbarium niche located under the famous Angel’s Touch Monument at Area 2. Every niche can accommodate two (2) urns. The  names and dates of birth and death of the departed can be inscribed on the granite cover. Client may choose from the different niches available around the Angel’s Touch Monument.

Location : Area 2 

Spot Cash : 53,438.00
** Installment Price is also available. 
** Additional expenses: Service & Transfer Fee
** Contact us for more details: 9111735 / 4042483


A unique, floral-inspired structure symbolizing love as depicted by the flower's heart shape. This is a premiere columbarium located at the Park Estates, a floral theme and garden setting sanctuary of memories and a haven of comfort to those who were left behind. One vault can accommodate four (4) standard-sized urns. 

Location: Area 2 , The Park Estate

Price Range: Php 105,400.00 - 153,260.00 
**Spot Cash Discount applies
** Installment Price is also available. 
** Additional expenses: Service & Transfer Fee
** Contact us for more details: 9111735 / 4042483

About Heritage Park
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Situated along C-5, Taguig City on what used to be part of the Fort Bonifacio military base, is a 76-hectare oasis of verdant fields and the location of the country's premiere memorial services provider, The Heritage Park.  

The Heritage Park began operations in February of 2001, a newcomer in an industry which for the large part remained static and unchanged over the years, dominated by decades-old providers considered institutions in the eyes of the public. But from the onset, The Heritage Park sought to challenge the status quo and differentiate itself from other members  of the industry by providing something different. The Park began offering world-class facilities and services to a public unaccustomed to such innovations from a Philippine memorial services provider. 

In 2004, the Park opened it's Mortuary & Crematory, enabling it to offer a full range of memorial services to the general public. A ground breaking structure with world-class amenities, The Heritage Park's Mortuary & Crematory has been the choice of prominent families and celebrities alike for their memorial service needs . Two years later, in 2006 the Park once again set itself apart by being the first to offer classic Asian architecture in a world-class columbary through The Heritage Park's Pavilion. Close to a decade since it began operations, this dedication to innovation and excellence has paid off. To date, the Park has received a multitude of awards for service excellence from various consumer groups and industry organizations.  

Today, The Heritage Park's facilities are also considered the location of choice for various print, television and film companies who find the well-maintained facilities perfect for their production needs. 

But there is more to The Heritage Park than world-class facilities and services.  During All Saint's Day when Filipinos nationwide pay tribute to their dearly departed loved ones,  families are afforded with a wealth of Park activities ranging from fishing at The Heritage Park’s very own lagoon, kite flying, games, face painting, trick or treating and outdoor film screenings. 

From providing world-class mortuary services  and offering the option of having an elegant horse-drawn hearse during interment, to the construction of various types of monuments for dearly departed loved ones, The Heritage Park offers a wide array of memorial products and services to suit even those with the most discriminating and exquisite tastes. Using only the finest materials, the Park confidently assures its clients that their memorialization experience shall be nothing short but the best.

Disclaimer: Article and photos credits to from Heritage Park official website. The sole purpose of this is for announcement and general information.  
There are three things we need to arrange when that time comes. These are - Memorial Lot , Mortuary Service and Interment Service. In this article we will focus on Interment Service Price offered in The Heritage Park.

We often hear the words "At-need and Pre-need Price" , to simply grasp their meaning "At-need" means there is a present need for the service ( gagamitin na ) while Pre-need is no need yet and the reason of buying is for future purposes.

Payment Term ( At-Need vs Pre-need )

Payment term for At-need is Spot Cash only while Pre-need you can choose from spot cash, one year and five year payment.

Service and Inclusions of Package ( At-Need vs Pre-need )

At-Need includes Deluxe Set-up ( Tent , Carpet Grass & Chairs ), additional payments for markers and other services.

Pre-need has the same inclusions and some packages includes markers already.

For inquiries and assistance contact (02) 9111735, 4042483, 09983158305, 09279262552

Below are the price of At-need and Pre-need Interment Package. 



** Has age requirement ( acceptance age).

The Heritage Park Price List
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Updated : The Heritage Park Price List 2014

FOR FURTHER INFO CONTACT 911-1735 / 0998-3158305 / 0927-9262552

The Heritage Park Mortuary and Interment Packages
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The Heritage Park Mortuary and Interment Packages - "Pre-Need"

"When your time comes will you and your loved ones be ready?"

Not everyone can be fully ready for the inevitable, but we can help those left behind be more prepared. 

We can help to lessen the burden when that day comes. We'll take care of the memorial service arrangements for family and friends, so they can focus on remembering a life lived to the fullest. It's never too early to think ahead.

We offer these Life Plans that provide you with memorial service arrangements at time of need. These life plans are for exclusive use at the Mortuary and Crematory at The Heritage Park or Nacional Memorial Homes so you can enjoy life knowing that you and your family will be taken care of at the very end. 

Below are the prices for Pre-Need services at The Heritage Park. Please note prices are E-VAT-EXCLUDED hence it will be added to arrive for the final price. Packages payment terms is 1 year or 5 year pay.   Kindly contact us to know more: 

** RSCordero&Assoc also known as Gladiola Marketing is an authorize sales marketing of Philplans and Heritage Park (Investors)**

Disclaimer: This is for announcement and general information purpose only. 
The Heritage Park was somewhat became a tourist spot in the Metro due to some prominent celebrities that was laid here. Among are Rudy "Daboy" Fernandez and The King of Comedy Dolphy. 

Recently, influx of people are coming to check out a grand mausoleum - not of a celebrity neither a prominent family but the most controversial person in Philippines today , Ms. Janet Lim-Napoles. 

The Pork Barrel Queen - as some referred her, owns around 280 square meters of “lawn and estate lots” at Heritage Park in progressive Taguig City, according to an insider privy to the sale of the lots. The source said that the cost of the lots alone could reach around P30Million plus construction of the mausoleum that no one knows how much. Although, I had an idea how costly it is to construct and maintain a mausoleum in Heritage Park , lets leave it to the public to guess. 

In my recent site visit to the Heritage Park  I took some photos of the "super grand" mausoleum of Ms. Napoles with the very dramatic sunset view. (see photos below)

The Napoles Mausoleum with roof-deck
The Purple - sunset sky with Napoles Mausoleum

The Napoles Mausoleum and her lawn lots

The overlooking view where Napoles Mausoleum situated.

How to Get to Heritage Memorial Park, Taguig, Metro Manila

From MRT Guadalupe Station, board a jeepney to take you there like those jeeps plying the Guadalupe- FTI route.

From Eastwood City on C-5 you can ride the Citiylink bus that will take you there. You can also take this bus from NAIA Terminal 3, Resorts World Manila or at the Sales Flyover (near Villamor Airbase and Fort Bonifacio gate 3)

Driving Directions to Heritage Memorial Park, Taguig, Metro Manila

From Quezon City it's best to just pass through C5 southbound all the way to the entrance gates of Herigate Park which is near Libingan ng mga Bayani and Bayani Road just before you reach SLEX.

There are lots of parking spaces there, no worries about parking fee/rate as it's a private memorial park.

911-1735 / 0918-9367296 / 0920-9012381  
Friday, November 1, 2013 (

CLEAR blue skies welcomed families who trooped to The Heritage Memorial Park in Taguig City Friday to observe All Saints’ Day.

Traffic situation was light outside the cemetery the whole morning of November 1 and no untoward incidents were reported to the authorities.

Help desks and medical assistance booths, as well as food stalls, were stationed in one area inside the memorial park. Ambulant vendors, on the other hand, were not given access to the cemetery.

Most families camped out and opted to spend the night with their departed loved ones while others came in early Friday.

Among those who were laid to rest at the Heritage Park were former budget secretary Emilia Boncodin, actor Rudy Fernandez and King of Comedy, Dolphy.

 (The Philippine Star) |

MANILA, Philippines - The plush Heritage Park at the Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, arguably Metro Manila’s pace-setter in the memorial service industry, endeavours to create an environment most ideal to remembering departed loved ones.

Thus, Heritage Park land owner Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) launched early this year, new products to provide a beautiful environment for memorializing departed loved ones while giving privacy to families and their visitors.

The objective is to capture the elusive tranquillity imperative to bringing back happy memories of the past to be eternally shared between the living and the dead, particularly in light of the forthcoming All Saints Day.

The reconstructed Heritage Park offers classic Asian architectural designs and beautiful gardens where one could easily get lost in his own thoughts, recalling poignant moments of days gone by.

Aside from nostalgia, Heritage Park is a place where families can enjoy pleasant landscapes, picnic grounds, fishing docks and scenic bicycle lanes for the more active souls. Photography enthusiasts have also practiced their art at the Park’s scenic vistas. A collection of beautiful photographs taken by the visitors can be found at the gallery of Heritage Park’s website.

“BCDA developed the Heritage Park as a place for both the living and the departed. It is a resting place for those who are gone, and a serene and refreshing space in the city for those they left behind,” BCDA president and chief executive officer Arnel Paciano D. Casanova said.

During Heritage Park’s relaunch earlier this year, new customer options were made available, among them include lots at the Pavilion Terraces and in Area 2 of the complex.

The Pavilion Terraces and Church Terraces open a virtual window to a panoramic view of the complex. The Heritage Park Pavilion, the centrepiece of the complex, showcases Oriental architecture, conforming to the strict requirements of Feng Shui beliefs and practices.

The Park also has a collection of impressive facilities including the Columbarium Hallways, the Pavilion’s open courtyard, large viewing chapels, a multi-purpose Tea House, picturesque gardens and water features and first-class lavatories.

 “The development of Heritage Park started with a vision to create a memorial park that is unlike no other in the country, now we are not sitting on our laurels and are continuously improving the services,” Casanova said.

The lot sizes range from headstone lawn to family garden or companion garden lots. There are also jumbo estates, premium private estate and private estates.

The Heritage Park is located in Fort Bonifacio, just 15 minutes away from the Makati Central Business District. It is accessible via C5 and Lawton Avenue near McKinley Hill.

FOR INQUIRIES REGARDING MEMORIAL PRODUCTS AND SERVICE AT HERITAGE CONTACT (+632) 911 17 35 / (+63) 9279262552 / (+63) 9189367296